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Our Products Equator History
         Equator History

Equator Advanced Appliances manufacturers unique appliances and is based in Houston, Texas, USA.

Our mission is to provide specialty appliances that are known for elegant design and functionality, and help to simplify life.

Our products save energy, water and detergent. They also greatly reduce effluence, that contaminate water resources.

We strive for superior customer service, technical support, product distribution, parts availability, and product knowledge. That makes us a valued resource in the appliance industry.

Thank you for considering our products as an addition to your product line. innovative high-quality compact TIME SPACE ENERGY save energy water detergent. reduce pollutants our customer

Equator Time Line

Equator Founded
Corporate development and product research
EZ 1000 washer dryer introduced as Equator Core Appliances.
EZ 1000 featured in Fortune, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines
EZ 1000 wins Customers Digest Best Buy Award
Equator wins Houston 100 Award Twice
EZ 3600 C Ventless and EZ 1500 Venting Washer Dryers Introduced
Corporate Headquarters moves to Equator Plaza in Houston, Texas
Introduction of Compact Dishwasher and Laundry Detergent
Equator becomes Energy star Building Ally & wins Am.Society on Aging design Award
Equator wins Top Lead Generating Product from Dealerscpoe
Energy Star EZ 3600 CEE & Stainless steel exterior Dishwasher Introduced
EZ 3600 C & Compact dishwasher make Netscapes Top Product List
EZ 3600 CEE achieves Energy Star C1 status
Featured on CBS News & Oprah
PLS 600 Compact Dishwasher Launched
CEE wins Consumers ddigest Best Buy Award
PLF 600 NF & PLS 602 NF Compact Dishwasher Launched
EZ 2500 C wins Consumers ddigest Best Buy Award
Equator wins third Houston 100 Award
EZ 3600 wins ADEX Platinum Award
Compact Dishwasher wins Design Journal Platinum Award
Buffet Carts & Server Launched
April 1 2001 Equators 10th Anniversary
Heated Buffet Carts wins Design Journals KBIS Best of Show Award
Refrigerators & Freezer Lines Launched:Conserv Commercial Refrigerator, Silent Compact fridge, Round Fridges & Conserv Chest Freezer
Round Refrigerator named to "Best Products" by Business Week
Round Refrigerator named to "Best of Show" at international Housewares Show
Washer-Dryer & Compact Dishwasher named to "Great Stuff" by Popular Mechanics
Conserv Refrigerator wins ADEX Platinum Award
Part Cooler named "Best of Show" at KBIS 2002
Product Launches:Party Cooler, Dryers, Semi-Pro Ranges Cappuccino Machine, Apartment Refrigerators, Full size & Slim Line & Dishwashers
Conserv 375A Aluminum Introduced.Reduces Smudging!
Grand Opening of Eco-Centre.Houstons first eco-friendly building supply showroom and new home of Equator Corporate Offices
2005 & Beyond
Equators New Factory in China begins Production!
Product Launches Planned for this Year:
Laundary Product range, New Party Cooler
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