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Chrome Vent Kit
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Portability Kit

This kit includes everything you need to make your washer dryer or combo portable. Simply hook up the faucet adapter to your faucet, hook the y connector to the faucet adapter and water inlet hoses, and you're ready to go! The casters included in this kit replace the leveling legs on the washer dryer, so you will have a truly portable laundry processor. Factory Installed Specialized Appliances installed portable washer/dryers are ready for use right out of the box. Solid Drain Connection With a direct-connect drain line you know that water ends up where it's supposed to ? in your sink. Other portable washer/dryer brands hook the drain line over the side of the sink, risking overspray or even flooding. Washer Specific Design Specialized Appliances designed its portable kit specifically for the rigors of washing machine use. Many laundry retailers' offers off-the-shelf dishwasher connection kits not appropriate for the wear and tear of laundry machine operation. Portable kits designed specifically for the rigors of washing machine use.
  • 4 Casters
  • 1 Faucet Adapter
  • 1 Y-Connector
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